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How do you install pink motel

hoping that this game getsmore to it even if it's just a testing thing



I cant start the game up, how do i do it?

Amie c

I'm going to play this game because I have nothing to do.


maybe such a pose as using boobs e.g. from room 3 for masturation

Pls add to this game the Boss and Police girls  persons for strong sex :> they can add in this month ? Pls say to me


you guys should make a lesbian version


Good idea👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩





How do you play this 


how do you play this game i gave you 2 bucks and all i get is nothin, how do you start this game up where can i go to play this game please...

Is this game dead?


Please update this games...and....add a new hot pornstar.....with a lot of money that we get.......

Introducing Our Development Blog

To keep our patrons and followers informed on our progress, we’ve just launched our development blog. We’ll be posting updates on anything related to Hardcore Pink. We’ll use the blog to share adult content.


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Infinite money and experience code: IAMYOURPATRON
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will there be a guy added into the game?? cuz theres a guy in a room that u cant access yet and when there will be new updates?

This game ain on mac anymore bro

Looking forward to this project's continued development. Thanks for sharing.


Weirdest game I will ever play...made for a funny video tho lol 


can someone tell me how to even play the game


did you get it to play if so can you tell me how to start it up


i can not play why


so now mac version  is unavalible?


How might someone activate the cheat system?

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Alriight so i played this master peace and i was not disappointed. Also you can find out how to get more money in the game!

Well..there is nothing left for me to say than...E N J O Y!


lmao omg, I laughed so hard bwahaha

I'm so glad i made u laugh :p

hey did you play


will you be making a 32-bit version for system that only work with 32-bit like mine?

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Wen will be an update?

now :)

Do you guys plan on taking bug reports for this sandbox build?


now yes, If you find any bug(s)/issue(s) in game please email us

I sent a bug report. Like I said at the end the game is still solid for a brand new sandbox. It has bugs, but they haven't been so game breaking it is not playable for example.

thank you for your bug report. bugs added to our issue tracking system and will be corrected for release.

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This looks promising. Please add more people and accessible locations to the motel. Here's my gameplay video.